Paul Post,

“If it wasn’t for coming across this website I never would have felt it necessary to consider an internship at a firm in another country. Only after I realized what I could gain have I applied at one of the places they suggested and that was an experience I would not trade for anything in this world. I was lucky to get a paid internship at a large casino corporation where I was taught everything about gambling and web development in a global fashion. Now I am ready to face the world with a worldliness and confidence and it looks great on my resume that I worked as intern for an international company for a year too.”

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Edmund Carter,

“I love this website for they are the reason why I changed my mind about studying abroad. I was sceptical at first and saw only obstacles but they have guided me gently and today I have a great education which I gained in Sweden. I am back home but there I learnt to be independent, learnt a new culture and saw seven other countries and cultures and thousands of new people and friends too.”

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Jason Henrik

“We at RIUA have been partnering with for close to six years and in those years have they been beneficial in helping us grow and gain more international interest with hundreds of applications each year for new interns. They are very dedicated and driven and openly interested in making global connections possible.”

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Carl Nick Garner

“I am grateful to as they are the reason why I left my country six years ago to teach English abroad. Since then I have been in over ten different countries and only go back home for visits as I have become a real globe trotter. I love every second of my newly discovered life as I teach, earn money and learn new things everyday while meeting thousands of new people and can say that I have friends world-wide.”

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George waslin

“University of Poseidon has advertised extensively on over the last four years for positions in our teaching department. The advertising with them has increased our applications tremendously and we are thankful for this platform where we can further the careers and opportunities of young people who are looking for ways and opportunities to study and work abroad.”

Megan Bison

“With the help of have I travelled the world while on a study abroad program. I went to Spain and Italy during my time studying medicine and the new worlds that opened for me changed me into a better person with more appreciation for other cultures and nations. I recommend a study abroad program to any young person regardless of where in the world they are.”